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Our Mission

Central Cat Coalition believes in second chances for community cats. Our mission is to reduce and manage the community cat population of Mt. Pleasant through humane trap neuter and return, and to empower the community to coexist with these cats through education.

Who We Are

Desiree Bigard

I have been in the animal rescue industry since 2017, though my love for cats goes back to my childhood. I have worked in an animal shelter, and have spent a lot of time volunteering for multiple rescues in the community. My main passion lies with fostering kittens. I have a passion for spreading awareness and educating others on kitten care so that every kitten being born to an unowned cat has their best chance at survival. My interest in TNR stems from the desire to prevent these litters from being born into an environment that can’t support them. 

When I’m not catching cats or caring for kittens, I’m spending time with my family or working on my continued education in business management and marketing.

Dawn Jevicks

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Elizabeth Armstrong

I am currently a student and hope to one day become a veterinary technician. I have fostered cats for a few years now with Karma Kat Cafe.  I enjoy working with all animals, both wild and domestic.  I have worked with rescue horses in Tennessee, various pet rescues like the Humane Animal Treatment Society and volunteered for a wildlife rehabilitator for a few years, as well as a volunteer at the Detroit Zoo. Contributing to the community is important to me. Trap, Neuter/Spay, and Return (TNR) is how I hope to help make a difference.

Breanna Knudsen

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Social Media Coordinator
Alexsandria Wallett

Allie is a senior biology (ecology) student at Central Michigan University with a passion for all cats: big and small. While she advocates for the conservation of Big Cats, she also advocates for humane population control for unowned domestic cats that suffer from the kitten cycle and contribute to destroying local wildlife. She volunteers at the Karma Kat Cafe and recently completed an internship at the Association to Rescue Kritters (ARK) Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. Her responsibilities include managing the Central Cat Coalition website and updating Facebook. She is involved in the planning, fundraising, and implementation of TNR activities. 

Clinic Coordinator
Lynn Seppi

As a former successful business owner, Lynn Seppi is now retired and enjoys spending her free time caring for her four domestic cats and two horses. In addition to her pets, she provides shelter, food, water and medical care for nearly twenty feral community cats that live on her property. Besides her personal interests, Lynn, who is an experienced former veterinary assistant, has been a volunteer clinical assistant with Gratiot Animals In Need (G.A.I.N.) and Karma Kat Cafe. She is also the founding clinical coordinator for The Farm Clinic that was established Summer of 2022 providing low cost spay-neuter services for Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) organizations including Central Cat Coalition. Her responsibilities include organizing and assisting in the veterinary services.

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We can not do what we want to do without volunteers and donors. Together, we can make a difference. Become a volunteer, make a donation, or participate in a fundraising event to help us save lives.


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