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Colony Care

Feeding & Shelter

Racoons, Opossums, and Foxes, oh my!

Feeding community cats is the easiest way to manage the colony by recording visiting and missing cats, as well as any treating noticeable injuries that need medical attention. 

Food, however, attracts wildlife. Racoons, possums, foxes, and more wildlife are likely to visit community cat feeding stations. To avoid this, feed and take away food at specific times. 

It is also possible to build DIY racoon-proof feeding stations.

Wildlife can be dangerous to community cats. If you are able to, please provide shelter to prevent cats from being killed or eaten by foxes and coyotes. 

Gimme Shelter

Locations like Mount Pleasant receive a variety of precipitation, like rain and snow, and extreme temperatures that leaves unowned outdoor cats out in the elements (literally). If you're able to, you can build your own shelters to help cats thrive in all conditions.


Neighborhood Cats details the various shelters that are available to build and buy here.


Flies and Ants and Flying Ants

It is important to keep the feeding stations and shelters clean.


We suggest maintaining a routine of cleaning the ground and materials within feeding and rest areas to avoid pests like flies and ants, as well as disease. 

Use non-toxic cleaners to avoid poisoning or causing illness to the cat colony. 

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