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Central Cat Coalition

Join us in fundraising, trapping cats, education, and more! The more hands the bigger our impact.

Our expenses include spay/neuter and vaccination costs, food, transportation, injury and illness fund, and purchasing Tru Catch cat traps.

Learn what the trap neuter return process looks like and why we think it is a humane method of community cat population control.


Central Cat Coalition is looking for cat art for stickers and T-shirts! If you have cat art you would like to share with us, please sign this release to allow us to use and sell it, and email a clear copy of your art to us at
Artists will get full credit on our Redbubble shop!
There is no age requirements and we encourage artists of all ages to participate!

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Donor Wall - Thank you for your support!

Amy Peak

Anne Heidemann

Chloe Ilacqua

Daelyn Zanatta

Jennifer Brigham

Joe Nissen

Karen Ruman Todd

Kim Bigard

Lauren Burton

Leah Battle

Mag Petix

Melissa Voss

Melissa Thomas

Misty Bennett

Rebecca Pope

Sarah Stevens

Sherrie Teall

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